Donate Your Car

The Arc's Car Donation Program

Your car donation supports our effort to ensure that anybody with disabilities is able to enjoy full participation in the community while being granted the same respect, security, and equality as any other member of society.

The Arc accepts any of the following vehicles 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

How to donate:

Interested in donating your car? Fill our our online donation form or call us to (877)272-2270 and one of our friendly operators will assist you. You must be able to provide the following vehicle information:

The Arc will take care of the rest and arrange a convenient time for free auto towing. Your tax form will be mailed to you as a “Non-Cash Charitable Contributions” within four to six weeks. 


Contact the non-profit that helps to operate and manage our car donation program, the Melwood Charity Donation Center, by calling (877) 272-2270. Questions for the Arc of SA team?